Ammonia Plant



Vestro has established bottling plants at Medchal in Hyderabad and Parawada in Visakhapatnam which undertake manufacturing of Liquor Ammonia with RO water and bottling of Ammonia cylinders.


Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) is procured from various fertilizer manufacturers through licensed road tankers. It is then transferred from the road tankers to the storage tankers through the pipeline by differential vapour pressure between the mobile tanker and the storage tanker. During the process of filling the cylinders and tonners from the storage tank, Ammonia vapours are released which are dissolved to Liquor Ammonia  processing tankers to form Liquor Ammonia Solution. We have our own RO Water Plant which is used in this process. Liquor Ammonia is being supplied to different customers in dedicated Stainless Steel Tankers.


Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia is transferred from the storage tank to 50 Kg vertical cylinders and 400 Kg horizontal tonners with two valves. Each empty cylinder is connected to the header and Ammonia is filled to the required weight by using a weighing scale. Each cylinder is filled to a maximum pressure of 120 psi. The criteria for cut off is the weight of the Liquid Ammonia in the cylinder. The average weight of empty cylinder is 72 Kg and the net material capacity is 50 Kg. Hence the gross weight should not exceed 122 Kg. The average weight of empty tonners is around 700 Kg and the material capacity is 400 Kg. Therefore, the gross weight should not exceed 1100 Kg.